More Duplication of Journal Titles and Conference Names by Predatory Publishers

October 6, 2015
International Conference on Traffic and Transport Psychology (ICTTP). WASET

A bogus conference with a duplicate name designed to trick people.

Over the past couple weeks I’ve received several emails informing me about two scholarly publishers / conference organizers and their intentional use of duplicate or nearly-duplicate journal titles and conference names.

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New “Journal of Chest” Hopes to Steal Authors from the Real CHEST Journal

June 16, 2015
Journal of Chest

Journal of Rubbish

The Journal of Chest is a new medical journal published by the OMICS-Group-owned Insight Medical Publishing (ImedPub). The journal is competing in a sleazy way with the legitimate and respected medical journal CHEST, published since 1935 by the American College of Chest Physicians.

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OMICS Group Now Charging for Article Withdrawals

May 28, 2015
Withdrawal fee

Legitimate scholarly publishers do not charge withdrawal fees.

Hyderabad, India-based OMICS Group has found a new and likely lucrative revenue source — charging authors to withdraw their submissions to the publisher’s many journals.

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OMICS Group Charges Authors for Publishing in Its Subscription Journals

March 26, 2015
International Journal of Cardiovascular Research

Pay to publish, pay to read.

The International Journal of Cardiovascular Research is a subscription journal published by the OMICS Group imprint called SciTechnol. This is a hybrid journal, meaning it’s a subscription journal with an option for authors to pay a fee and have the article made open access.

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OMICS Group Aims to Trick Researchers with Copycat Journal Titles

February 19, 2015
Aiming to trick honest researchers.

Aiming to trick honest researchers.

OMICS Group continues to launch and publish scholarly journals whose titles closely match those of established and respected journals, including journals published by scholarly societies. OMICS Group’s goal is to trick researchers into thinking the OMICS journals are actually the legitimate journals, so they can get the author fees from the authors.

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