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Vacations make everyone happy because of the time we get to spend by ourselves, relaxing and having the time of our life, everyone wants to go on vacations once in a while but going on vacations is not as simple as it sounds especially if the vacation is to a foreign land, there are a lot of factors you need to prepare for especially when it comes to the cost of the vacation and all that you may need in the foreign country.

Also, the cost of your health and travel insurance fee must be sorted out before you travel in the first place because of unforeseen circumstances, no one knows the future hence you need to plan your travel and health insurance before going anywhere, you might also want to get souvenirs from the foreign land when you are coming back to your country, so you need to plan the cost of that.

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Despite the fact that vacations most times could be expensive, individuals or families still go ahead and take them because vacations refresh the body and rejuvenate your mind, besides for those who love biking, the cost of renting a bicycle must be considered, for kayaking lovers, the cost of renting a kayak must be considered, for windsurfing lovers, the cost of renting a windsurfer must be considered, for skiing lovers, the cost of renting skis must be considered, for skating lovers, the cost of renting a skating board must be considered, for other vacations that will need gear to achieve, you must consider the cost of renting that gear, so in summary, consider the cost of every rental because it is also important.

You need to plan the cost of what you are going to eat throughout your stay in the foreign land, where you are going to stay in the US, the activities you want to engage in, especially if you are going to the United State of America because there are a lot of fun things to do abroad that you might get distracted and spend impulsively if you don’t have a plan or set your priorities right which will end up leaving you broke in a foreign land, the cost of your airfare must also be planned, your travel document fee example your international passport etc.

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To travel to any foreign land, most especially the United State of America, you need your visa, but if you tried getting your visa and find it very difficult process, there is a way of getting the proper document which will help you travel, this document is called the ESTA travel, with this document you can travel to any foreign land for a specific period of time, and you don’t have any visa with you, this document can function as your visa and gain you entrance to the foreign land but for you to get this ESTA visa, you may apply on the site You need to Check ESTA status, if you are among the citizens of the country that are under this visa waiver program and if you are qualified to get this visa. There is also a TN Visa which differs a bit from the ESTA visa, and about which you can read here

It is not all those going for a vacation in the United State of America that spend the same or have the same cost to plan because it is not the same activities you are going to do, besides some might have family, friends or loved one there hence they don’t need to plan the cost of accommodation or feeding because their parents, family or friends might have that covered for them. Vacation cost also differs by age group; retirees will spend more than people who are below the age of twenty-five, what about the junks, for example, energy bars, drinks, snacks you might want to buy? This is part of the cost you need to budget before traveling abroad, if you plan to travel with your family then you have to consider the cost of feeding, accommodating and entertaining the whole family during their vacation abroad.

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In summary, the average price of a vacation to the United State of America differs from one person to another, what you consider average to someone might be nothing and to another might be everything, it also depends on which part of the country you decide to travel to, you may spend more in some parts and spend less in other parts, so it depends majorly on which part of the country you are planning on vacationing. For those who feel the average cost of a vacation in the United State of America is too expensive for them, I suggest you open a savings account purely for just vacation purposes, so save even if you have to start small, then start small but remember to keep adding to it until it is enough to give you the vacation of your dreams in the United State of America.


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