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Whether you like it or not, regular home cleaning is an absolute necessity.

When the winter snow melts and the temperatures start to stabilize, most American families undergo a process called spring cleaning. Spring cleaning essentially prepares your homes for the upcoming season, and it involves cleaning EVERYTHING.

The things that we mostly focus on are the floors, walls, ceiling, kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, etc.

But, have you ever asked if you’re missing something? Has it ever occurred that maybe there are smaller parts and things that also need a good scrubbing? If so, then here are the things you didn’t know need cleaning.

1. Your Washing Machine

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A very important tool that washes our clothes regularly, a washing machine needs maintenance so it can operate accordingly or you’ll need to call Toronto washing machine repair services every few months. Most of the problems that occur with this machine involve the drum and loaders.

Namely, the drum is prone to grease and grime build-up, and the loaders are also no exception to it. What’s even worse is that all that grease and grime can get onto your clothes during the washing process, and that’s something you don’t want.

2. Refrigerator Coils

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Cleaning the coils of the refrigerator is a very inconvenient task. That’s because they’re located under the refrigerator, and reaching them would involve having to tip it over.
But the coils are a very important element that allows it to work perfectly. And, seeing as they are located in a very narrow and small space, they are prone to dust build-up. Dust prevents them to operate as they should. So, if you notice your refrigerator working differently, try to vacuum the coils as chances are it has seen a lot of dust build-up.

3. The Dishwasher

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The dishwasher is yet another very important tool that helps mom around the kitchen. Dishwashers help us solve a lot of time and energy on having to pour detergent onto a sponge to scrub off food debris from plates, forks, spoons, and glasses.

And, similarly, as with your washing machine, grease and grime build-up is a known problem. And like the previous one, it can get onto your plates, silverware, and cups.

4. Bathroom Exhaust Fan

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Mold can occur in any bathroom. A lot of people do menial tasks to prevent mold from occurring in their bathrooms. But little do these people know is that mold is best prevented if your bathroom’s exhaust fan works properly.

It is the fan’s job to effectively suck the moisture out of your bathroom. Moisture is the leading cause for mold build-up, and a clear and obvious way to prevent it is to keep the fan in peak condition. As with most things around the house, dust accumulation can be a real problem. So your fan would need a thorough cleaning if you are to maintain it.

5. Music Records

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You might find this one strange a bit, but did you know that your old music records can also get dusty?

Vinyl is seeing a comeback nowadays. While there are very convenient ways to listen to music, vinyl still remains the best one.

But our record albums bought over the years can also see a lot of dust accumulated, over the years. If you haven’t used them in a while, then the problem can be quite obvious.
However, there is a very convenient way of cleaning your vinyl music records. You can easily do it using a record cleaning machine. These machines have been created and designed to suit any vinyl record, and this is their sole use.

There are many to choose from, both affordable and effective, so it’s best to go and read these reviews to find the best ones for your vinyl record collection.

6. Your Laptop

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This should go without even mentioning it, but your laptop can really get dirty over time.
Every time we type on the keyboard and every time we press a key, we are covering it with germs. Chances are, you’ve seen keyboard grease and grime throughout the years of using your laptop.

There isn’t a more disguising thing in the world than having to see it with your own two eyes. So, to prevent grease and grime from ever occurring, and to put an end to germs, we suggest you take a towel and go through your laptop’s keyboard.

7. Mirrors

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You might not notice it, but bathrooms get dirty the most. Every contact with a mirror gets it dirty. From smears to water sports in the bathroom, to even steam from the shower, all of those things contribute towards making our mirrors messy and dirty.
But, the way you clean your mirrors can make things a lot worse than what they originally were.

8. Your Toaster

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Making toast is great and all, but has it ever occurred to you what get’s left behind? You don’t really have a way of seeing it, but our toasters experience a lot of leftover breadcrumbs from the months and years of usage.

And trust us when we say this, it is not a pretty sight. All those crumb leftovers from the years of usage need to be removed ASAP. What’s the best way to do it? Well, it seems that there is only one way of doing that. Namely, take your toaster and place it on its head. That way the bread crumbs will start falling. You can even hit it from behind or shake it to hasten the process and unstuck most of the crumbs.

9. Air Conditioning Filter

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When it comes to air condition maintenance, few things can cause a problem like dust can.

If you didn’t realize by now, dust is a major pain in the bum whenever cleaning comes into question. Literary everything is prone to getting dusty, and so is your air conditioning filter.

Cooling and heating are fun and all, but it does come at a cost of dust accumulating. Not only is this a nuisance, but it also affects the quality of air coming in. So, to maintain your air conditioner, make sure to clean the filter every once in a while.