All of you who have followed the Pawn Shop series – have certainly followed American Pickers as well. Unusual reality formats, fun but also educational – very quickly won the hearts of audiences around the world where they are shown. American Pickers is an ideal show for those who hope they can always find a real little fortune among a pile of discarded and forgotten things. We don’t know what you can find in your backyard or shed. Yet, we know some secrets of this reality show. So we’ll reveal 5 things you didn’t know about the American Pickers.

What Are The American Pickers About?


A fun, educational, and interesting reality show American Pickers on the History channel – is the right thing for those who hope that they can always find a real treasure among a bunch of discarded and forgotten things. It could be a sign of cult shops from the 50s, an old motorcycle or bicycle frame, a rare lamp, a can of oil, a poster – or any other antique item that will interest collectors and people who love art.

Who Are The Stars Of The American Pickers?


The main stars of the show are Mike Wolf, Frank Fritz, and Danielle Colby. And while Mike and Frank in their van travel through America and visit various warehouses or yards full of all kinds of things – Danielle from the seat, that is, the store, finds potential sellers and directs Mike and Frank. When they get to the locations – bargaining around the sale is always mandatory. However, offers do not always go well because people find it difficult to separate themselves from things. Sometimes it happens for sentimental reasons – and sometimes because the difference between what is offered and demanded is simply too great. But when the purchase is over – Mike and Frank will board the item and take it to restoration, and then on sale to their store.

Educational Reality Program? It’s possible!

In the sea of reality shows today – we can hardly decide on our favorite. Still, they all have one thing in common – and that is voyeurism. It depends only on the extent and the sense of it. In that regard, American Pickers is an educational way to peek into someone else’s yard, garage, or shed – but also a way to learn a lot about the history of certain items that Mike and Frank will find. We can say that this reality became a real sensation overnight for a reason – when in 2010 over 3.1 million people watched during the presentation. Today, they are one of the favorites of the History channel – and rightfully enter the history of television programs as a hit. And here are some interesting facts you may have not known about the American Pickers.

1. Mike And Frank Loved The Old Things Even Before The Show


When he was about four years of age, Mike Wolf started rummaging through garbage. While his friends chased the ball around the playground – he brought old bottles home, and on days when he would be very lucky, he also brought bicycles. In his twenties, he opened his first bicycle store – but he continued to look for old things in impossible places as a hobby. As a boy, Frank Fritz collected cans of beer and coins. When he grew up – he got a job as a fire and security inspector, but his passion for objects that others throw away continued to smolder.

2. Danielle Colby Was A Burlesque Dancer


The popular Danielle is a burlesque dancer – although she doesn’t mention the set in the show. However, in addition to this, this lady born in 1975 is also a successful owner of an antique shop as well as a boutique owner of retro things. According to Taddlr, she mostly finds her burlesque costumes while picking. For the males who sigh for this lady, we will say that she has been married twice and has two children.

3. The Walls Hide The Secret


They call themselves modern archaeologists who travel across America in search of valuable objects that they later resell. But to get to the treasure, they must first search barns, dumps, hiding places, yards, garages, attics – and various other places where antiques can be hidden. Along the way, they meet interesting people and helpful owners of antiques – but also those who drive them from their properties with a rifle. However, the most unusual place where Frank and Mike found the treasure is not garbage dumps, antique shops, or barns. They found some phenomenal things in the walls. It is because people put them there while they were building houses – Frank revealed. Mike believes that this is actually the beauty of their job – when you find an object, and then you discover the story behind it.

4. Hobo Jack Is Not An Ordinary Hobo


Mike Wolf is known to be the author of several books, but what is less known is the fact that one of the show’s regular guests, Hobo Jack is actually also the author of several books. He is also a large collector who owned over 100 cars.

5. Rumors That Mike And Frank Can’t Stand Each Other


Very often we have been reading about it – but it doesn’t seem to be entirely true. Although some people claim that the show is nearing its end precisely because Mike and Frank can’t stand each other – Mike’s former statement denies that. Mike claims that they are primarily friends – as evidenced by the fact that he did not mind Frank dating his sister. That fact revealed lesser-known details from Frank’s love life. However, Mike claims that when they see something they both like – they become angry rivals. Although they mostly buy things worth a few tens to a few hundred dollars, which they later resell for twice the price – sometimes they miss even a more expensive purchase.

The Bottom Line

No matter how true some things were, or not – the fact is that the American Pickers achieved exactly the desired effect. First of all, high ratings and rooting on the History channel – which, you will admit, is not easy. On the other hand, they are very fun and original – they made a program that we are happy to watch, and they popularized the business with antiques to the maximum.