When electric cars showed up, it was such a boom. It was something completely new on the market, so everyone was interested in learning more about them. A few years later, we can say people still feel positive about them. However, it is noticeable that these cars weren’t widely accepted. Meaning: not a lot of people decide to buy them, so their expansion is happening pretty slowly. This might look strange at first since these cars are very innovative. They offer so many amazing features and can be a great option for the environment and energy-saving. Besides that, they can be very aesthetically pleasing and become a part of the image.

Anyway, it seems that people are interested in testing them out and learning more about them. Car lovers are always kind of amazed with these type of cars. But they are not deciding to buy them and make them their final choice. We could say this is very common for most new technologies. It often takes some time for them to become accepted by a bigger audience. Also, there are a few things people don’t like about new electric cars. Today we are going to discuss some of them. Let’s start.

1. Range limitation


One of the things people find is the main disadvantage of electric vehicles is their limited range. A range represents the distance you can cross with one battery charging. If you compare it with new plug-in hybrids, you will notice how they offer a much bigger range. Even some traditional cars have more advantages in this field. Electric cars can travel for approximately 150 miles with one battery charging. If this property isn’t that important for you, then it won’t be a problem. But for some drivers, this can be a significant obstacle. If you have to cross a great distance every day, you are surely going to feel this limitation.

2. Takes a lot of time to charge


Electric vehicles have another feature that can be pretty nerve-breaking. They can take forever to charge. Or at least it might look that way if you’re in hurry. It takes a few minutes to fill in your traditional car with the gas. You can always run to the closest gas station, pump the gas, and ride away. The story is not as easy with their electric buddies. With technology development, this property also improves. But it takes some time and effort for the charging time to become acceptable to most of the drivers. And another problem is not being able to charge your vehicle anywhere. Charging areas aren’t as common as regular gas stations. Of course, you can always charge your car during the night. That way, you’ll be ready to hit the road in the morning. But if you forget to do it, you might have a smaller nervous breakdown.

3. Lack of charging stations


As we mentioned, electric cars are still a new thing on the market. Not all countries succeeded to go in step with these advanced technologies. That is the reason why there is still a lack of charging stations for these cars. If you’re going on the road and plan to drive for a few hours, this can be an obstacle. It is expected for this to change with time. In a few years, we can probably expect these situations to become a past. But for now, it is a real disadvantage and can affect your everyday routine.

4. Unimpressive performance


We can all agree that this car comes with a lot of great expectations. Since it is one of the newest forms of technology, you expect it to have amazing properties, too. But many drivers are complaining that driving this car is, in fact, pretty boring. The engine performance is not the best possible. You also can’t go crazy on the highway and achieve high speed. And besides that, the battery life can be so short that you’ll have to take care of it every once in a while. All of that leaves an impression of not that good performance. Especially since most of the people have a high expectations of these vehicles. And they look forward to being their owners.

5. Pricy maintenance


Since these cars are so special, they also come with a special price. If you own an electrical vehicle, you have to replace the battery every once in a while. And that is just one of the costs. You have to be adequately equipped and able to maintain your car. You’ll have to buy and install charging equipment in your garage at home. This alone can cost a lot. Of course, you have to maintain and take care of this equipment as well. All of this together raise the question of how much more profitable it is to buy an electric vehicle. Maybe it sounds cost-effective at the first sight, but we recommend calculating everything before making the final decision.

6. Not that stylish


Most of the electric cars look acceptably nice and decent. At least for the majority of people. But we can all agree the style is not their best feature. In the 21st century, everything is about a physical look. For people, cars, and pretty much everything else. Also, when you’re buying something this modern, you want it to look good. And that is not the case in reality. There are so many beautiful cars nowadays that have amazing design. And having them can become a part of your image. So electric car companies should work on improving the attractiveness of these cars in the future. This might positively affect their selling.

Conclusion: Electric vehicles are modern, new product on the market. People are very interested in them and love learning more about their properties. They have a great potential that should be utilized in the future. But there are also some things people don’t like about these cars. And that is one of the reasons why people are accepting it slowly.

All of this information might discourage you from buying an electric vehicle. Or you may want to wait for some time to buy one. If that is the case, you can click here and find some amazing hybrid or traditional cars that might perfectly suit your needs. Your next car may be just one click away.


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