Financial analysts have been forecasting the future of digital currencies and the role that they would play in the world of trade within the next few years. In fact, millionaire entrepreneur, Elon Musk has even stated that the products from his famous company Tesla would also soon be sold in exchange for cryptocurrencies.

So now with cryptocurrency being the new potential mode of payment, a question on what we can purchase with them arises. Let us take a quick look at a few items that can be bought with the help of this digital currency.

1. Cars


Tesla has been one of the first car companies to have started considering trading in cryptocurrency. Though it may take some time for bigger companies like Tesla to set up their framework to process such payments, other smaller companies such as the ones dealing with Subaru cars in Oklahoma, have already started doing so on a small scale. The payment systems of these small entities aren’t extensive yet, but the small steps that they have taken to accept crypto transactions are quite a few. One step involves getting in touch with your dealer to see if the purchase deal can be made using this mode of payment. To make matters better, if a customer is making a purchase from an old dealer, the transaction process becomes even easier.

2. Tickets and Reservation


Post pandemic, the world will face a major rush of people wishing to travel to different destinations. This will experience a boost in the hospitality industry. Making hotel bookings as well as buying airline tickets at that point in time can be quite a luxury for a lot of individuals. It is at that time that cryptocurrency comes to the rescue and succumbs to your needs. As of now, the bookings and reservations are accepted in Bitcoin, but the varieties of cryptocurrencies that would be acceptable are about to change the cryptocurrency game.

3. Taxis fares


Though Taxis all over the world still continue to accept the traditional crisp currency in note form as a mode of payment, quite a few companies worldwide have started to accept cryptocurrencies to pay for your ride. In fact, some have even been doing so since 2013. The widespread trend of ridesharing, not only saves a few bucks but also is a more convenient way of traveling for many individuals. Though the private taxis would still take some time to adapt to these crypto transactions, taxi agencies, especially the airport taxis are the ones who keenly accept crypto transactions. Travelers coming from different parts of the world always face the hassle of exchanging currency to make the payment. Now with this universal currency out in the open, everyone would prefer to deal in it.

4. Caskets


No this is no joke, but yes, a few companies across the world have been buying caskets with bitcoin. This trend has been seen in the USA, in provinces such as Minnesota, which other countries are considering as well. This may be a pioneer in its field but it surely was quite a big step taken by them, and a little always tends to go a long way.

5. Luxury products


Luxury products on their own usually have been bought and paid for using credit cards as opposed to paying in cash. Due to the mystery and anonymity that cryptocurrency holds, paying in virtual currency and maintaining the privacy of the buyer’s personal details is something many of the elite feel very comfortable indulging in. The kind of luxury products that have so far been transacted using crypto include, cars, expensive watches, and classy pieces of artwork.

6. Food Products


You would be shocked to know that various food chains have joined in on the bandwagon of accepting payments in cryptocurrency. One very famous fast-food brand, KFC, has accepted bitcoin in some of its outlets as a form of payment. Certain pizza joints have established this mode of payment. It is just a little more time before your groceries too can be purchased using this form of virtual currency.

7. Household items


Once again, items that are very commonly and regularly used at home can be bought using crypto. Items such as rugs, mops, brooms, scrubbers, and so on can be acquired by making an online purchase involving the buyer shelling out cryptocurrency in return for these day-to-day goods.

8. Gift Cards


Many of us are often confused about what to give our friends and family members on a variety of occasions. The best solution that has arisen out of this is the existence of gift cards. Gift cards allow the individual to choose from an array of products from the store, thus bringing the advantage of the choice factor as well as being able to buy multiple items within a certain budget. Instead of buying a gift card and gifting it to someone, many shops have started accepting this form of virtual money in return for the cards. This has not only benefited the person purchasing it, but also the retailer selling it.

9. Medical supplies


The Pharmaceuticals industry is one of the latest industries to indulge in trading their products in return for cryptocurrency. With the rise in demand for medical supplies, especially during such testing times, paying in cash or card may not always be easy for all. With some individuals not having enough money to pay while others not having the right currency to pay in, cryptocurrency comes to the rescue and safeguards everyone’s needs.

10. Real Estate


Another major industry that requires huge transactions to be made, mostly in installments is the real estate deals that one makes. Though it hasn’t yet become a widely accepted mode of transaction in the world of real estate, many agreements and deals that transact in crypto have a different set of terms and conditions to sign in to. One major term and condition entails the comfort of both the seller as well as the buyer being mutually consented upon. The type of cryptocurrency is also important in such cases. Bitcoin seems to be the choice most real estate deals seem to be made in. In addition to all of this, the intermediary company that has to sanction the transaction has to be well versed in cryptocurrency transactions to make the deal a fair one.


These are just a few industries that cryptocurrencies have made strides in. It is just a matter of time before the entire world is indulged in trading in this form of virtual currency. To be up to the trend and not miss out on the golden opportunity, invest your money now in authentic websites or apps such as


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