In order to be able to comply with all the conditions during this activity, it is important to wear the necessary clothes in an appropriate way. Of course, it is important to prepare for changes when it comes to temperature. So, you have to do everything in your power to achieve maximum security, and this is an important part of that. In addition, you should follow all other rules regarding kayaking.

Either way, view this as a challenge that you need to respond to. Sometimes conditions can be very difficult, but if you prepare everything you may need you don’t have to worry. Your safety should be your priority and therefore be well informed about taking all safety measures. This way you will be ready for almost any situation when it comes to weather or water. Keep reading and find out in the rest of the text what you need to have with you from clothes when you use a kayak.

1. The first layer of clothing

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So, this refers to something that you will wear under everything else. People mostly opt for a swimsuit when it comes to warmer weather. However, the choice should depend on the length of the activity. If you plan to spend more time it would be good to opt for something that is more comfortable. On the other hand, a swimsuit in a shorter version will be quite a good choice. Of course, instead, you can choose a sports compression wear made of a material that dries quickly.

2. Rashguard


When it comes to the upper body, you will be best protected if you wear this piece of clothing. As you all know, this is a really great solution in many situations, especially when you use a kayak. This t-shirt is intended first for people who surf because it is made of a material that represents a shield for the skin. In this way, it is protected from possible rashes, scratches, sunburn, etc.

That is why this is a good option for rowers as well. The special design allows you to enjoy many advantages, but one of the biggest is certainly comfort. It is also useful if you use it as a base under several layers of clothing. It consists of a material that allows quick-drying, which makes it an even better choice.

3. Pants

Whether or not you opt for shorts, this piece of clothing needs to be flexible enough to be able to enjoy your favorite activity. Therefore, it is desirable for it to be something comfortable and to allow unhindered movement and fast drying. Our advice is to opt for a material that is not too thin. It would be good to choose something that will not disturb you while entering/exiting the kayak and the like.

4. Additional layer of clothing


As we mentioned, you must be prepared for all weather conditions as well as frequent temperature changes. So no matter how much you like the current forecast don’t rely so much on it. It is better to make a plan B immediately so that you have something with you that you can use in case of rain or colder conditions. It would be waterproof clothes, wind jackets, etc. Things like this won’t take up much space for you and that’s more of a reason to take them with you.

You can find jackets on the market that are designed for such conditions. They have a lot of useful things like gaskets, which help you stay dry. Anyone who has experience in spending time on the water knows how much the situation can change in just a few moments. Our idea is to always have another layer of clothes with you. Something warm and synthetic will surely be of great use to you.

5. Boots

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Of course, you also need to wear appropriate footwear. It is best to opt for something that will dry quickly and provide protection to your feet equally well. This refers to taking preventive measures in case you come in contact with some sharp objects. So it would be good to make it something light, waterproof, and impenetrable.

For example, avoid shoes such as sandals. They are only considered if they have a belt that will attach them to your legs. Either way, it’s better to have some neoprene boots or shoes.

6. Sunglasses and helmet


It is important to have these things in order to properly protect your head from the sun. But not only from the sun. As kayak experts from the Oshaun reminded us, you also need to have a helmet to protect your head from injuries. If the temperature is high, it is important to apply the sun cream to protect yourself as much as possible. However, it is important that this equipment be of high quality in order to fulfill its purpose. Otherwise, you can end up with serious burns and therefore you need to protect yourself as much as possible from the sun. We must mention that the quality of the sunglasses is really important.

If you opt for a model that is of low quality, you can experience great discomfort because you will be disturbed by the reflection of the sun from the water all the time. On the other hand, a higher quality model will not have a negative impact on your vision. It would be good to connect them to the holder so that they do not fall into the water.

7. Gloves

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Of course, the point of the whole activity is to make the best use of your hands. That is why they are most exposed to fatigue and it is of great importance to protecting them properly. All of this can be very tiring for them, so make it easy for yourself by using a good pair of rowing gloves. This will avoid annoying blisters and other injuries. It would be best to wear some material that is lightweight to have a better feel for the paddle and everything else.


When the weather is nice, all kayak lovers can’t wait to start this activity. This is a really fantastic way to have fun and enjoy your favorite hobby. However, you need to be careful and think about your safety first. No matter how much experience you have, it is important that you use our tips when it comes to wearing appropriate clothing. In this way, you will achieve maximum security and thus raise the fun to an even higher level.