The supermarket list represents one of the main expenses in the family budget and that is why saving on the purchase is one of the objectives of many households regardless of their number of members. Many times this saving is synonymous with organization and not sacrifice, as you will see below.

Saving on the purchase is easier than it seems

With these tips we want to help you save on the purchase from Vlone. As you will see, many of them are common sense and you will surely apply them in your day to day life. Still, having them arranged and placed on paper can help you rethink your way of shopping.

1. Define your budget


Make an approximate budget (you can give yourself a margin of between € 10/20). Thanks to this, you will be more aware of the money you spend and it will be easier to save on your purchase.

2. Check out your pantry and your fridge

In this way you will know what products you have, which ones you can take advantage of in the medium or long term, and how to complete your shopping list.

3. Plan your weekly menu

It is important to plan your menus well for the whole week. A good day to think about them is Sunday, because you will be more relaxed and you will be able to dedicate a little more time.

4. Make a list before you go shopping


Being clear about what you are going to buy will help you stick to a plan. In the long run, this is one of the best measures to save on the purchase.

5. Organize your list by sections

If you make your purchase in the supermarket by sections, you will save time and also avoid compulsive purchases that make our purchase account increase.

6. Research and Compare Prices

Another good idea to save on the purchase is to compare prices of different establishments to define which one interests you the most or Astroworld Hoodie you should buy on each site.

7. Avoid Shopping When You Are Hungry


Doing the weekly shopping on an empty stomach is a mistake because you end up filling the cart with things that were not on your list. If you go to the supermarket alone you will also save temptations, time and money.

8. Take a Cart According To Your Purchases

If you have prepared a shopping list with a few things, do not make the mistake of taking a large cart. It will always seem that you have filled “little” and you will be tempted to buy more.

9. Forget Walking Around the Supermarket

Strolling through the supermarket is another of the failures that make us go out of our budget and our list. If you really want to save on the purchase, you must be clear: a budget, a list and an order. You will see how everything goes much better.

10. Buy Seasonal Product


One of the great successes is saving on the purchase of fruits and vegetables. The seasonal produce is fresher, of higher quality and cheaper. Find out what they are at each time of the year and incorporate them into your weekly menu.

11. Look at the Price per Unit

If you look at the price per unit you will really know which product is more expensive or cheaper and thus save on the purchase. In addition, you will also avoid wasting food.

12. For Large Containers

You cannot do it with everyone, but you can do it with non-perishable products (detergent, drugstore, etc.) and with those that you use regularly (milk, cereals, oil, etc.). Large containers are, in proportion, cheaper, and that is a plus to save on the purchase.

13. Look at the Promotions


The money margin that we talked about in point 1 of this list is aimed at this type of promotion: two products at the price of one, discounts, gifts, etc., which you will see when you get to the supermarket.

14. Check the Expiration Date

With your weekly menu to save you can know when you are going to consume a product. If you take it into account, you will prevent it from expiring and having to throw it away. Think that throwing food, in addition to waste, is also synonymous with throwing money away.

15. Online or In Cash, Depending On Taste

Shopping online can make you stick better to the shopping list you had planned. It also allows you to take advantage of the offers of different establishments and buy what you need at the cheapest. Others prefer to do it in cash to control their money. Our advice? Alternate the options as you see that you can best save on the purchase.

16. Be Creative


You probably don’t have the budget to buy a unique piece of Net-a-Porter clothing if you are on a tight budget. You shop at H&M, Primark and Forever 21 like everyone else. Do some DIY projects to revive your clothes. These clothes will look unique and more trendy than the ones you see in boutiques. It will be easy to show up at large-scale events and find someone wearing the same outfit as yourself.

17. Be Selective with Colors

Fashion is all about color. If you want to be trendy and modern, stick with bright colors. A white skirt and a green top don’t have to be expensive. Choose colors that are not too deceiving. Black shoes don’t have to be expensive. You can opt for cheaper options. This will give you a wide range of options for different outfits. You can make your own design, check out Porter Reid for some fun and cool socks.

18. Do Not be Complicated

Minimalism is the best. Minimalism doesn’t require special clothes, handbags or shoes. There are many ordinary items that have been arranged in extraordinary ways. Choose from Tight Jeans or Shirts to create an unusual combination. They are unique, fashionable, and distinctive.

19. Experiment with Jewelry


Accessory shopping doesn’t have to be expensive. Even the most worn clothes can be made more fashionable. You can find trendy and chic accessories in your jewelry and accessories drawer that will give your outfit a fashionable touch. You can add fashion-forward flair to your look with a bold headband, a bold scrunchie, statement necklaces, retro socks, a trendy baseball cap, cool hair clips, and vintage-print headscarfs.