Weight loss results can vary enormously between individuals, but if you’ve hit a plateau despite regular training and eating healthily, there are other options. It’s not all about reducing your calorific intake further or working out for longer; these tips are more about making small changes to your current routine and making the most of your hard work.

Try strength training exercises


Many forms of exercise help us lose weight effectively, from swimming to aerobics and spinning, but if you’re not lifting weights a couple of times a week, you could be missing a trick. There’s no doubt that cardiovascular workouts can improve your general fitness level, but strength training can have a significant impact on the rate at which you burn fat and your overall muscle tone.

You can easily lose muscle mass when dieting, but when you begin to strength train, the losses are smaller, and the muscle you have already built is maintained. That makes your body look more toned, as well as being more robust and leaner. Finally, with more muscle mass to manage, your metabolism has to speed up, so the calories burn off even more effectively whether you usually work out at home or in the gym.

Work on getting a good night’s sleep


When we only sleep in short bursts or regularly miss out on a full night of sleep, it can cause changes in our metabolism and affect which foods we choose to eat. As the hormones which control our appetite are affected, cravings for sugary or high-fat foods often take hold, making it harder to keep the weight off.

To avoid being tempted by sugary snacks, get your nighttime routine in order and aim for between seven and nine hours of shut-eye. You could take simple steps, such as eating lighter meals in the evening and winding down before you get in bed, but you could also try spritzing on a calming pillow spray or soothing relaxation techniques.

Freeze away up to 40% of soft fat cells


Freeze2Trim is a fat freezer treatment designed to produce pain-free results within three months. After placing an order, you’ll receive all the equipment and information required to get started right away. Forget about booking expensive sessions at the salon because this type of cold therapy is highly effective and safe enough to use at home. You don’t need to prepare, and you can walk away after each treatment as the side effects are minimal

Once you’re ready, simply put the gel packs in place and secure them to the target area using a wrap. The treatments take effect in around an hour, and the results should become visible within three months. Although fat freezing won’t help you lose weight, it can be an effective method of sculpting your body. This is because it minimizes wobbly or bulging areas of fat, leaving a sleeker and smoother-looking result.

Select healthier drinks


Drinking somewhere between six and eight glasses a day is ideal, but the fluids you choose are going to have an impact on your weight loss. Unless you are participating in high-level endurance sports, water will always be the ideal drink in terms of hydration and weight loss. It works quickly to quench your thirst, contains no sugar, and is widely available.

As water is filling, you can drink a small glass before each meal to regulate your appetite and help you feel fuller for longer. If you find the taste of plain water boring or unpleasant, think about adding a few slices of fruit or herbal teabags for more flavor. You can also include tea, coffee, and sugar-free juices as part of your daily regime, but the sugar in energy drinks can undo your hard work, so it’s best to avoid them.

Treat yourself to a bigger breakfast


When you miss out on the first meal of the day, hunger pangs can strike later in the morning and may tempt you to go for high-calorie treats. To avoid these distracting cravings, fill up on a big breakfast, then opt for lighter meals in the evening. By organizing your meals differently, it’ not only easier to stick with your diet plan, but your energy levels will remain balanced, and you could even burn more calories.

According to a study by the Endocrine Society published in 2024, people that normally ate a much larger breakfast burnt calories at a faster rate than those who consumed a big dinner in the evening. In all, the group who indulged in a hearty breakfast burned twice as many calories in the same time frame. Therefore, filling up on a low-fat protein-rich meal first thing in the morning and then eating modestly in the evening may contribute significantly to weight loss.

Invest a little extra time in home-cooked meals


Cooking from scratch can seem incredibly time-consuming, especially if you tend to rely on ready meals or dine out at a restaurant. Between work, family commitments, and socializing, it might not be possible to cook every night, but when you have a spare hour, it’s worth staying in control of what you eat by making meals yourself. Use herbs and vegetables to create flavor rather than reaching for packet sauces, and if you’re a meat-eater, consider opting for a vegetarian dish once a week. Most of us have a snack mid-morning and mid-afternoon, but instead of relying on packaged treats, you could try baking some nut bars, cookies, and fruit cakes in advance.

Becoming the healthiest you can be


Choosing to lose weight and eat healthily is a long-term commitment, but you can give yourself the edge with a few simple hacks. The right options for you are ones that you can easily incorporate into your daily routine that you are more likely to stick with doing. For the best chance of achieving your body and weight loss goals, start by making one or two of these small changes and learn more about what works for you.