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Similarly to all other website owners, you have probably chosen a shared hosting option when you got your website up-and-running. Of course, for many people, the fact that this service is cheaper makes them opt for it, especially since their budget is something that is most important for them. But, as your site continues growing, it is crucial that you opt for something that is more substantial.

This is why you may want to consider purchasing a little thing called a dedicated server. But, you might now be wondering what is it exactly and is it really required? Well, this is exactly why this article might be helpful for you. The text below will explain what these services are, why you should use them, as well as where you can find them. Let’s take a closer look:

Dedicated Servers: Explained

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To put it simply, having dedicated servers means your site will be hosted on its own server. It will offer flexibility and incredible power, however, to reap all the benefits, you might have to opt for premium. Hence, before actually choosing which one you will purchase, make sure that you do a little digging on them first.

As previously mentioned, you probably chose to share it with other people when you first started out as a web designer, but, this service type stores your website with a lot of others as well. This is good for small companies and personal blogs, but, if your goal is to continue building your business, you must strive to have better performance and flexibility. This is why you should consider opting for a dedicated service. Especially since it can bring various benefits to both your company and website.

If you choose a dedicated SQL server you need to know about potential
pitfalls such as blocking (learn more).

What Are The Reasons And Benefits I Can Get?

The very first thing that is worth mentioning is that besides cloud services, a dedicated one will provide you with more power – of course, this will also depend on the package you choose. The reasons why you should opt for this service include:

1. If More People Visit Your Site

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So, if you noticed that your traffic website increased quite a lot, opt for getting your own server right away. For instance, if you still have shared hosting and your traffic increases, the performance of your site will extremely decrease. This can translate into having higher bounce rates, and you can easily lose more money.

2. If You Are Worried About Security

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Yet another important aspect of your website is the sensitive data it might contain. This includes your customer’s email, credit card information, as well as other critical things that need to stay secret. And, naturally, you will want to protect that data from hackers, viruses, or other external threats.

Having your own server will allow you to have more control over the security. Hence, you’ll be able to control and change the features on it. Naturally, the implementation process will depend on you, but the benefits of your site being flexible and secured will come from a dedicated hosting service.

3. If Your Goals is For The Pages to Load Faster

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One of the things that can either make or break an individual’s experience when visiting your site is the loading time of the pages. If slow, you will experience high bounce rates and the engagement will decrease. But, yet again, a dedicated server can deal with these problems. It will improve the bandwidth needed for improving the loading time of your pages.

4. If Having Control is Crucial

The last reason why you might want to opt for this service is that you will have control. We did mention control previously in the article, however, you should understand it a bit better. For instance, you will be able to choose the software it uses, as well as the hardware, and you can even implement a specific OS. Hence, if you are an advanced web developer, you might reap a lot of benefits from choosing this service plan.

Where Can I Get One?

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If you search online, you might find hundreds of hosting businesses out there, with each of them offering a wide range of packages. Hence, when you open them, you can easily find inexpensive shared servers, as well as the best-dedicated services offered by the same business. If you are interested in seeing what packages you can opt for, check out cherryservers website.

When Should I Opt For One?

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So, now that you know what they are and what advantages you can gain with this hosting service, let’s take a look at how you can determine if it is the right time you implement one. The first thing you will want to think about is whether or not more people visit your site. If the number increased drastically, you should choose this service.

The options you can choose from include cloud or dedicated hosting, as well as VPS. Of course, all three options improve the bandwidth of your side and they will provide you with faster loading times. But, when it comes to the security of your site, a dedicated server has more benefits than the other two options.

The last thing you should consider is your needs and the needs of your site. If you are not on a tight budget, you cannot make the wrong decision if you choose to purchase a dedicated server. But, if you are on a tight budget, there are also packages that are smaller, hence, they will cost less. Once you implement it, you will see the benefits it can give you, and from there, you will definitely understand why it is important to have a dedicated server. Also, you can always choose a package that comes with a higher price tag later on.


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So, there you have it. The article above mentioned everything that you should know about dedicated servers. And, now that you know what they are, what benefits they can bring you, as well as when you should choose to implement one, do not waste any more time and start searching for a company that will provide you with a dedicated service that will fit your and your website’s needs!