Video games have come a long way from just tile-matching in Tetris or leading a snake through a maze. Nowadays, it’s a whole new world, like a parallel universe, preoccupying minds of not just children, but adults too. What is so appealing about the video games that make people peeled to the screen for hours?

New reality


There are very few effective ways to escape the stressful and dull reality of ordinary life. Emerging into a different, almost dream-like realities, give us the tools to fulfill needs and wants that we lack in real life. Gamers use the term “escapism”, alluding that they crave to break free from the banalities of the real world. The allure of the video games lies in the possibility for the player to be and achieve whatever he wants, without being judged like it often happens in reality. Chasing that feeling of freedom keeps them coming back to video games, over and over.

Control and success


Feelings of control and achievement usually go hand in hand. When we move into a bigger house or quit a dead-end job for a better one, it makes us feel like we have some kind of control of the circumstances in our lives. It also invokes the feeling of achievement, a sense that we actually accomplished to move forward. In real life, this doesn’t happen so often, but in video games, we are spoon-fed the impression of success every day. Getting the keys to the castle, winning a race, or your squad winning a shootout and getting a Warzone boost, will pump your adrenaline and give you something that you’re good at. For more information about Warzone, boost check out this website. A sense of control often leads to a feeling of power, as opposed to a feeling of helplessness to make important changes in the real world. Combined, control and achievement, make a potent formula to make us feel like standing on the bow of “Titanic” screaming “I’m the king of the world”.



Independence is a basic human need. The desire for freedom was a driving force behind many events that shaped our history. Feeling of control and autonomy in making decisions for ourselves will always pervade and is deeply rooted in human nature. This is one of the reasons why imprisonment is punishment in our society. This is why we have hackers and conspiracy theorists to pick on our brains to trigger some sort of independent action. Video games found a way to satisfy this need by giving us the freedom to do just about anything, giving us a wide range of choices. That absolute autonomy to do things we are not supposed or don’t want to do in the real-world is the vital point that keeps us wanting to play.



From early childhood, people are seeking to fit in with others. In almost everything we do, there is a common theme that intertwines with every action we take – seeking approval from the rest of society. This brings us closer to other people allowing us to relate to each other. This skill doesn’t come naturally to many people leaving that desire unfulfilled for most of their lives. In video games, getting to this point is so much easier. First of all, everyone that plays the game came for the same reason, which is already one thing you have in common. We don’t need to bang our heads about what to talk about with others, the theme is already set – we just need to jump into our roles. Bonding is simple, and we feel comfortable saying everything that comes to our minds. Also, in case you don’t fit in for some reason, just change the game. The latest studies have shown that over 80% of people played at least some kind of video game in their lives, so that makes it a good ice-breaker in real life if you want to start a conversation with someone. Furthermore, there is no second-guessing whether or not we are good enough or smart enough. The illusion of competence is instant which is a highly wished-for aspect in today’s lives.

Life-like environment


Video games have remarkable graphics giving us the impression like we actually live in the real world. In some games, the scenes are so realistically portrayed that we can just roam around the screen in awe without doing anything. The feeling is like being in a movie where you get to be a director, a screenplay writer, and a leading role. Nothing beats that. The attention to detail is immense and for some reason, we pay attention to flowers, wrinkles, trees – things that we just pass by in the real world. Strange, but true.



Our brains are naturally set up to chase challenges. When faced with mind-boggling puzzles we see that as a chance to prove ourselves – to ourselves. Even simple games like sudoku and crossword puzzles will keep our minds entertained for hours on end. Can you name one fun thing in real life that can keep you preoccupied for that long? Hardly. And these are only the games without any extraordinary graphics or interactions with other players. Again, the feeling of being victorious when we get the right answer puts us on the pedestal in our own minds while at the same time giving an immense boost to our self-esteem.

As you can see, video games are all about filling up the gaping holes we experience in the real world. And it’s instantaneous. You don’t need to work your whole life to become a hero, you can become a superhero in a matter of days, as soon as you get the hang of the game a little bit. You are the best, the smartest, the strongest, the most handsome guy or a girl, bursting with self-righteousness. Or, if you crave to be part of the crew, you are always welcomed too. Being as advanced as video games are, it’s still the simplicity of achieving the goals that sell them to consumers. What is there not to love?


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